Sarbajit Ghosh

Chief Editor and Strategist

I serve.... The ball bounces twice before my opponent strikes the ball back to my side of the table and my thoughts wander,

I think about the past, and how it shapes me, and how distant figures, who should have no bearing in a persons life have nurtured my still feeble personality. I think about how little I've learnt and how far I must go...

My body becomes reactionary, and my opponent sees that, attacking harder with every shot..
I feel weak. Finance, Law and all those other interests that hop onto every couple of months have given me the outward appearance of vast competence, but is it enough? Definitely not. Money, power and strength is something that we all strive for. Does that really make me happy? Maybe it does.

I'm losing momentum, my returns are getting weaker...
I need to rebel. I need to find resolve. I need to dig deep and hold ground against the tumult of weights weighing down on my shoulder.

For a split second, I lose focus. Then with my eyes on the ball, I arch back and SMASH.
I win. That's what I do. I may be down, but I'm never out.

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