Kisna Shetty


‘Shake with your right hand, but always hold a rock with your left’- Frank Underwood
These are words that Kisna lives by, a calm and collected person, he doesn’t fear to express his strong and analytical opinions when need be. He may be an amicable person, who is always ready to extend a hand in friendship but beware he always has trick up his sleeve.
An aspiring lawyer, he is an avid MUNner who is a part of the SJBHS Mun delegation. A proficient quizzer he has participated and emerged victorious in many national level quizzes. An adept debater, he will always approach any problem with rationality and will pursue the most efficient route. He believes that one should hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst
A die-hard Manchester City fan he, he will see to the fact that he never loses a fight with any red devil. In his free-time, you can see him playing, tennis at a community court or ultimate frisbee for a national team.

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